Planning is Everything!

Bay Ridge Tax Planning in Brooklyn, New York provides exemplary tax planning services to individuals, families and businesses in the area.  Senior Partner Greg McGuinness, CPA, JD, leads his team in maximizing returns and protecting the interests and financial reputations of their clients.  Tax law changes from year to year and many are unaware of the possibilities missed for write offs and other increases in their returns.    

Bay Ridge Tax Planning also offers bookkeeping services to keep you organized throughout the year with your business finances and personal finances.  With the number of audits rising more and more each year, organized finances is more important than ever.  Bookkeeping offers a security and piece of mind upon the arrival of tax season.  Easily accessible receipts and records ensure that all your expenditures, payments, contributions and more are all accounted for.  Properly categorized and organized finances means both a hugely simplified tax return and your ability to illustrate your fiscal year in its completion with total accuracy should you be faced with an audit.

Working in conjunction with attorneys and support staff, the goal at Bay Ridge Tax Planning is to assist clients in planning for their future endeavors.  As a tax preparation professional with a J.D., Greg McGuinness best understands not only the accounting side of tax preparation but the legal side as well. 

The team at Bay Ridge Tax Planning can help you understand how the law can work for you and how to make sure it does not damage your family's or your business's financial reputation.  With your finances in our hands, you will never have to worry.